Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yet more handy add-ons!

     Welcome back! Today I'm going to go over UI and fun add-ons. I find UI add-ons to be indispensable. The standard UI for WoW is getting many improvements come Cata, but even then I believe UI customization will be very useful. Also, I'll be going over a few add-ons just for fun. Afterall, WoW's still a game :)

     The first part of a custom UI is the unit frames. I use Xperl. It's super customizable although first timers may be a little overwhelmed at all the options it has and the sheer amount of information it can put on your screen. Once customized though you'll wonder how you ever played without it. There are other good unit frames out there such as Pitbull. Look around and find the right fit for you. Once you have a good unit frame in place the next step is taking car of your bars. The standard UI tends to be way to limited in what you can do. I recommend Bartender with Button Facade for great functionality and looks. W00t! You have your bars situated and your unit frames are ready to go. What else could you possibly need? Well, let's make it all easy on the eyes shall we? For that we'll need some viewport art. There are two programs I use and which I use really just depends on the character. I recommend SunnArt for beginners and BTEX for the more advanced. For the final touches grab align and Move Anything. There you have it! With those tools you will have your own custom UI up and running in no time!

Here's a screenshot of these add-ons in action:

     Now for some fun add-ons! For DK's Achmed the Death Knight will yell "Silence! I keel you!", whenever you cast strangulate. And for those great times when you bite it at the beginning of a long boss fight there's Bejeweled. It allows you to play the classic game inside WoW.

We heard you were an addict so we put your addiction inside your addiction so you can get your fix while fixated:

For those that love companion pets try PetsPlus. It allows a lot of customization with your furry friends. Well, that's it for today folks! Have fun!