Thursday, August 12, 2010

The 102 degree masochists

Ok folks. Have any of your friends or family ever told you how bad WoW is for you? Of course they have and admittedly playing games to the point of neglecting your loved ones or work is obviously a bad thing. Today, I saw something much worse. I saw health nuts out running in over 100 degree weather! I could be wrong, but I thought heat stroke was bad as well? I'm thinking I'll stick to my relatively sane pastimes. Time to chug a Red Bull and heal some ICC.....

Welcome to Thoughts from the Shadows!

Hi there folks! My name is Arnolde. I'm a resto shammy from Shadowsong and I've decided to throw my two cents into the ever growing miasma of the blogosphere. Does the world really need another WoW blog? Probably not. Are they getting one anyway? Damn right! So sit back and read something that's not by a theory-crafter or data miner and enjoy.