Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shaman Raid Healing

     Good news everybody! Today we'll get down to raid heals as a shaman. As a shaman it's important to know that your healing style switches with different fights and even throughout the course of any given fight. Your basic set-up will remain the same, but your spell selection and totem drops will change.

     Your general set-up involves casting ES on either the MT or the OT if he seems to be taking more damage. Make sure you have Earthliving weapon on yourself and your water shield. Your general totem drops will be Strength of Earth or Stoneskin (depending on raid comp), Flametongue, Healing stream or mana spring and Wrath of Air. Always check with other shamans in your raid to coordinate totem drops. Also, be sure to flask up and get your well-fed buffs.

     Now that you are prepared for the first pull, how do you heal it? It's fairly simple really. For single pulls w/o large amounts of raid damage you'll want to Riptide anyone taking a quick damage spike and follow up with Lesser Healing Wave while always keeping ES up on your tank. Once large amounts of raid damage starts we really shine! If there is a fairly large group of melee Riptide the tank and spam Chain Heal. Keep an eye out for ranged and throw them Lesser Healing Wave as needed. If some of them are grouped feel free to toss Chain Heal their way as well. Following these simple rules will actually keep you on top of the meters even against Droods when the raid damage is hot and heavy a well played shammy is king!