Friday, August 20, 2010

5 man etiqutte

       "Ok guys, were about to pull the boss.", says our intrepid tank. "Umm..huntard's in combat",replies the healer. "Apparently somewhere down the hall". Tank mutters the serenity prayer....

      Guys I'm here to help you not make your fellow puggers want to play this song. I'll make it a quick post as these rules are basic and simple.


1. You set the pace. Read your healer and dps from the first couple of pulls. If they're ADHD it can be very hard to reign them in, so pull as quick as you can to keep them focused.

2. That being said don't be forced into bad pulls. If a dps is that antsy and pulls warn them once then let them die the next time IMHO.

3. Warn your healer before big pulls so they can be prepared.

4. Keep an eye out for people needing mana and call a mana break if necessary. Mana users love tanks that actually give a rat's ass :)


1. Try to match pace with the tank and keep good communication.

2. Always let the tank know if you are in need of mana. A few seconds drinking is infinitely better than a corpse run.

3. Keep your head on a swivel. Pats and face pulls do sometimes happen. Be prepared to save your little dps friends. However, I'll give you the same advice I give tanks. If a dps purposely pulls more than once let them die. 


1. Keep pace with the tank, but don't outpace them

2. Be ready with CC or cleanses if asked.

3. Mages, just make the water..*sigh*

4. DON'T PULL FFS! (sorry, that comes from tanking)

     It's fairly simple to have a quick clean run with these rules being followed. Also, be respectful in party chat. A good attitude goes a long way.