Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silver, Greatest cat in History!

Ok, a couple people wanted me to write about my cat Silver. That's her there attempting to destroy the nefarious paper towel wrapper! Silver's about ten years old and was always meant to be mine.

You see Silver was born to my old roommates cat and they were going to give away all the kittens. I had fallen in love with her the first time I saw her. I mean how could you not? But, since neither the mother nor kittens were mine and the roommates didn't want them in the apartment I had no say-so as to where they went. So, weeks go by and the kittens are weaned and given away, then an odd thing happened. Silver refused to eat at her new home, so they brought her back. I was overjoyed, but also a little worried when she still wouldn't eat upon her return. That was solved very simply though. As long as I fed her she'd eat! We've been together ever since. Me and my best friend.

A couple facts about Silver: She is a standard domestic shorthair with some oriental blood from her mother's side, she is a blue-cream tortoiseshell, she can detect epileptic seizures, is deathly afraid of storms, and her favorite song is Du Hast!